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touchimg TouchLib, Touchlib is a library for creating multi-touch interaction surfaces. It handles tracking blobs of infrared light, and sends your programs these multi-touch events, such as 'finger down', 'finger moved', and 'finger released'. It includes a configuration app and a few demos to get you started, and will interace with most types of webcams and video capture devices. It currently works only under Windows but efforts are being made to port it to other platforms.


Merapi, Merapi is a bridge between applications written in Java and those running in and created for Adobe AIR™ (Adobe Integrated Runtime™).Merapi has been designed to run on a user's machine, along with an Adobe AIR™application and providea direct bridge between the Adobe AIR™ framework and Java, exposing the power and overall calabilities of the user's operating system, including 3rd party hardware devices.bridge


degrafa-icon-lrg Degrafa is an open source declarative graphics framework for Flex used by some of the industry's top designers and developers. The framework can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from rich user interfaces to intense graphics editing.





Mate is a tag-based, event-driven Flex framework.

Flex applications are event-driven. Mate framework has been created to make it easy to handle the events your Flex application creates. Mate allows you to define who is handling those events, whether data needs to be retrieved from the server, or other events need to be triggered.

In addition, Mate provides a mechanism for dependency injection to make it easy for the different parts of your application to get the data and objects they need.



OpenFlux is an open-source component framework for Flex which makes radically custom component development fast and easy.





The FlexLib project is a community effort to create open source user interface components for Adobe Flex 2 and 3.

Current components: AdvancedForm, Base64Image, EnhancedButtonSkin, CanvasButton, ConvertibleTreeList, Draggable Slider, Fire, Highlighter, HorizontalAxisDataSelector IconLoader, ImageMap, PromptingTextArea, PromptingTextInput, Scrollable Menu Controls, SuperTabNavigator, Alternative Scrolling Canvases, Horizontal Accordion, TreeGrid, FlowBox, Docking ToolBar, Flex Scheduling Framework


anybody want to add this list??

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  1. Anonim

    Wah, bener2 exis nih sebagai Flex & AIR fans. semangat mas' btw kalau ada projek yang dah kelar, di share yah !

  2. tentangrifai

    coming soon bro... gw mao dahh belajar flex, bertahanlahh bro...

  3. ktutnik

    jangan lupa juga bro, library bikinan anak bangsa..

  4. naufal

    gw lagi newbie bgt ma adobe flex


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